The Last Post


Date of Death First names Last name Regt. No. Unit
11th February 2016 Douglas Harrison Blevin NX207082 British Commonwealth Occupation Force
14th February 2016 Lyall Lintott Green NX88993 35 Australian Infantry Battalion
15th February 2016 Eric Thomas McCarthy NX116884 2/117 BDE WKSPS
4th April 2016 Elaine Patricia Moore (nee Eckley) NF482996 A.A.M.W.S.
23rd May 2016 Terence John Smith 2795434 1 Armed Regt. R.A.A.C.
26th May 2016 James Ernest Evans NX151671 2/8 Field Regiment
6th June 2016 Avis May Smith (nee Sullivan) NFX180426 A.A.M.W.S.
8th July 2016 Leslie Keith Drayton NX26235 2/4 Armed Regiment
25h July 2016 John Blackett Campbell Frend NX112814 Australian Transport Company
26th July 2016 Lia Agnes Maher N225654 M.O.S.U. Richmond
31st July 2016 Trevor James Harold Constable 2783943 2 Troop RAE
3rd August 2016 Iris Nicholson O'Reilly unknown Women's Army (UK)
9th August 2016 Arthur Vincent Schubert R33933 R.A.N.
28th August 2016 Donald Douglas Sheridan NX142754 2/7 Australian Infantry Battalion
31st August 2016 Robert Peel (Bob) Fowler R44231 R.A.N.
7th September 2016 Marcia Shirley Thelma Ritchie (nee Hoskin) NF462940 Australian Army Medical Women's Service
9th September 2016 Robin Abel R48071 R.A.N.
12th September 2016 Maxwell Field (Max) Goodridge N109900 Australian Army
26th October 2016 Raymond William St. Leon 37730 Australian Army
22nd November 2016 Errol Ronald Bourne 2137515 12th/16th Hunter River Lancers
16th December 2016 Beryl May Alterator 92808 W.A.A.A.F.
31st December 2016 Edwin "Lyle" Crough NX25333 1 Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment

"The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance"

"Lest We Forget"