The Memorial to the Australian Light Horse

(The Waler)


Bicentennial Park, Kable Avenue - Tamworth


The following article is reproduced with the kind permission of the Northern Daily Leader

Waler memorial pays homage to heroic horses

By Rebecca Belt - Oct 30, 2005


PEEL St was lined with Tamworthians and numerous visitors on Saturday who turned out to mark a special occasion in Tamworth's history.

The annual Beersheba Day march day was dedicated to the men, women and horses that have served our nation and those who still serve today. The march culminated with the unveiling of the Tamworth Waler Memorial.

People travelled from many points of Australia to witness the unveiling and take part in this moment in our nation's remembrance of the ultimate sacrifice.

The parade consisted of 47 members of the Australian Light Horse Association followed by the armoured vehicles of the 12th/16th Hunter River Lancers (HRL) with Major General "Digger" James taking the salute in front of the Tamworth Regional Council chambers.

The long-awaited unveiling of the bronze sculpture of a Waler and trooper involved many dignitaries from Tamworth and beyond.

Major General James officially unveiled the memorial accompanied by the 12th/16th HRL Honorary Colonel Chris Donovan.

Major General James said the sculpture demonstrates just how strong the relationship is between a man and his horse and recounted the bravery of the horses in the Charge of Beersheba as they took on the trenches of the Turks.

"The Waler emerged from the conflict as a distinctive hero," he said.

"It is appropriate that this sculpture stands in the heart of the country where the horses were bred as well as the men who rode them."

Major General James spoke of his hope that Tamworth's memorial, and Beersheba, may become places of pilgrimage for Australians and hoped that this monument can re-focus the importance of the Waler in our history.

He spoke of the horses that saw their men and country through W W I only to be shot by their best mates – the men who rode them – as Australian quarantine prevented the horses from returning to Australia.

"As a nation we have not done enough to remember our horses," he said.

Tamworth's memorial salutes them.


"Lest We Forget"

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