Tamworth War Memorial Town Hall



26-28 Fitzroy Street - Tamworth

The Tamworth War Memorial Town Hall plaque bears the following inscription:



A Memorial To Service And Sacrifice
Officially Opened By
Major General Sir Charles Rosenthal KCB CMG DSO VD

        20 November 1934

                 Dedicated By
Chaplain Major William MacKenzie

      Ald W H Thibault  Mayor
Mr V G Kable  Town CLerk

(Total cost including land and furnishings : £ 29,000)


Tamworth Town Hall was opened in 1934 and was designed as a lasting memorial to Tamworth and district soldiers and war workers. Large flags hang at intervals around the wall, while bronze plates carry the names of battle areas where Australians fought during the Great War.

200 ex-servicemen from the Great War of 1914-1918 put on an impressive show at the official opening of the town hall.

The Northern Daily Leader in its report of the opening said the men marched with service medals and decorations, in uniform and in mufti, while behind them a detachment of the 33rd-41st battalion also marched - “with bayonets gleaming in the bright afternoon sun, all looking spic and span…”



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