Australian General Hospital for Servicemen

Nazareth House


Manilla Road, Oxley Vale - Tamworth


The memorial at Nazareth House is built on the approximate site of the 102 Australian General Hospital for Servicemen.

The hospital was very near to the Army camp, the boundaries of which, began about Brolga Crescent and covered a vast area.

When moves were made to erect this memorial, permission could not be gained from the Main Roads Department and so the Sisters of Nazareth graciously allowed it to be built here.

The memorial was dedicated on the 18th November 2001 and was unveiled by the then Mayor of Tamworth, Mr. Warren Woodley.


The following article is reproduced with the kind permission of the Northern Daily Leader

Memorial to mark wartime hospital

By Anna Rose. Oct. 25, 2001,

A HUGE piece of granite will mark the spot where the 102 Australian General Hospital stood during World War II. The memorial, constructed by RF Gaites, will be officially unveiled on Sunday, November 18 at 10.30am just inside the front gates of Nazareth House in Tamworth.

Committee members Ken Lyttle and Gordon Gaffney came up with the idea of marking the location for posterity around four years ago. Up until then they’d had many inquiries from visiting returned soldiers and their families asking where the huts and the hospital used to be.

“We walked up and down Manilla Road and worked out the army camp was established from Brolga Cres, where the guardhouse was situated, along both sides of Manilla Rd to the property Four Winds,” Mr Lyttle said. “As the RTA wasn’t keen on us putting up something on the main road, we asked the sisters of Nazareth if it would be possible to place the memorial inside their boundary fence, which Sister Teresa agreed to.”

Tamworth mayor, James Treloar, will officially unveil the memorial following short talks by Lady Olwyn Solomons and Vera Hutt, on various aspects of the AGH operations from 1940 to 1945. The memorial will be dedicated by Father Tom Shanahan. Members of the public, particularly the members and families of ex-service organisations, are invited to attend the memorial’s dedication. For comfort’s sake, it’s advisable to bring your own chair to the service,



"Lest We Forget"

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