H.M.A.S. Arunta Memorial



Arunta Place - Tamworth


This memorial has a plaque which bears the following inscription:

" This place was named after the tribal class destroyer "Arunta" in memory of the officers and men who sailed on her.

Built at Cockatoo docks - Sydney

Served between 1942 and 1957.

Pacific Philipines Japan    
New Guinea Leyte Gulf Occupation Force    
Timor Battle of Surigao Straight and    
Borneo Lingayen Gulf Korea    


Paid off into Reserve in 1957, she sank off Sydney on February 13, 1969, while under tow to Taiwan for scrapping."


Following a period of trials and working up, Arunta (I) commenced operational duty on 17 May 1942 on anti-submarine patrol off the Australian east coast.

On 11 August 1942 Arunta (I) began escorting convoys and other shipping between Australia and New Guinea. On 29 August she experienced her first contact with the enemy when she destroyed by depth charge the Japanese Submarine RO33 off Port Moresby. In September she continued escorting convoys to New Guinea and while thus engaged took on board the survivors of the SS Anshun at Milne Bay after that ship had been sunk by Japanese cruisers on the night of 6/7 September.

On 7 January 1943 Arunta (I) entered Darwin Harbour for the first time when she arrived to take part in the evacuation of guerilla troops from Timor. Between April and June 1943 Arunta (I) continued to escort shipping between Queensland ports and New Guinea.

Further details of this ship's war time activities can be found by clicking here Royal Australian Navy

The Arunta (I) remained in Operational Reserve at Sydney from 1957 to 1968. She was sold for scrap to the China Steel Corporation of Taipei, Formosa, on 1 November 1968. On 13 February 1969 Arunta (I) began to take on water and subsequently sank 65 miles off the New South Wales coast while under tow to Taiwan, by the Japanese tug Tokyo Maru.

Although efforts were made to stop the flooding, it was decided that recovery would be impossible, and Arunta was left to capsize and sink off Broken Bay.


"Lest We Forget"





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