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NDL News article 29/05/2017 Tamworth RSL Sub Branch


Stepping up to the NSW RSL


May 29, 2017

TAMWORTH"S Sandra Lambkin has been elected to the NSW RSL Council and as the only woman on the board, she wants to reach out to ex-service women who are not members of the RSL.

The Tamworth RSL Sub-branch vice president was elected at the three-day state conference in Albury.

Ms Lambkin is also very keen to encourage younger vets to get involved with their local RSL. She's part of a changing guard at the NSW RSL, which will be led by new president, James Brown.

"He's a very astute young man who will no doubt lead us where we need to go," she said.

NSW RSL has been battling an ongoing scandal involving alleged fraud and cover-ups by state leaders. But Mrs Lambkin is happy with the steps being taken to repair the reputation of the NSW RSL.


"Lest We Forget"