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NDL News article 26/04/2017 Tamworth RSL Sub Branch

Appreciation grows Lest we forget  

Young veterans lead from the front as new era dawns


By Jacob Mcarthur - April 26, 2017

This year's dawn service in Tamworth sharpened it's focus on the new generation of local veterans.

Tamworth's young veterans were given the parade lead in this year's march as a sign of "respect for the younger generation" according to the RSL sub-branch President Bob Chapman.

It was a theme that was itierated throughout the day, starting at the dawn service.

"I think they're like any veteran, especially those who've lost someone, a mate," he said. "That time for us is so long ago, but those young guys and girls, thank God that most of their combat days are over."

Sub-branch vice president Anne Lane recited a poem at the dawn service entitled "New Generation Veterans".

"We know that fateful landing on Gallipoli's dark shore, wherever Aussie's fought, we know there are so many more," Mrs Lane read.

"Now a new younger generation, needs our help as well. They too have been to war and suffered with their private hell. Though losses are not classified as great, their fears are just the same."


"Lest We Forget"