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NDL News article 03/01/2017 Tamworth RSL Sub Branch


Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce sworn in to Tamworth RSL Sub-branch


By Jacob McArthur - April 11, 2017

BARNABY Joyce has never worn his grandfather’s medals before, but he finally had a fitting occasion to pay respect.

The New England MP was sworn in to the Tamworth RSL Sub-branch on Monday wearing the medals of his grandfathers and father.

“I thought that since I was being inducted into the RSL, that it was the appropriate time, both grandfathers were members of their RSL and proud ones at that,” Mr Joyce said.

“Sometimes I think of the meagre things we do in politics, we should take a lot deeper account of those who give a lot greater service.”

Sub-branch president Bob Chapman was proud to welcome Mr Joyce. “It’s a pity that the Deputy Prime Minister is doing a service in Canberra [on Anzac Day], but it’s good to see him have the badge on and be down there.


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