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Post 73 Memorial Update

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  Post 73 memorial fundraising Young Veterans


We aim to broaden the public's perception of what a veteran looks like. Veterans are young, old, male, female, current and ex-serving. By doing this, we hope that veterans, especially female veterans are no longer asked whose medals they are wearing.

AS A ONE TIME INITIATIVE, all current and ex-serving women are invited to march as one in 2018. All ex-service organisations including WRANS, WRAAC, WRAAF, AWAS, Ex Service Womens, WVNA, APPVA, RAANC etc are invited to participate and proudly parade their banners in one rank at the front of the combined female veteran group. Let's proudly march to highlight the number of women who have and continue to serve.                      

  Kundasang War Memorial  map   


Pictured at the Australian War Memorial are By the Left campaign supporters Ledy Rowe, Lucy Wong, Allison Gillam, Kellie Dadds and Jan-Maree Ball. Click here - this is their story

  Kundasang War Memorial  map   


“The exhibition really brings the stories and memories alive in a way that history books and classrooms are unable to do" Click here - to find out more



Important dates to remember

National Servicemen's Association Commemoration Service - Railway Park, Marius Street - 5pm Saturday 24th March 2018

ANZAC Day Commemoration Service, Tamworth Town Hall - 10.45am Wednesday 25th April 2018

Vietnam Veteran's Day (Long Tan Day) Railway Park, Marius Street - 5pm Saturday 18th August 2018

Centenary of the Battle of Beersheba - Wednesday 31st October 2018

Remembrance Day Commemoration Service, Tamworth Town Hall - 10.15am Sunday 11th November 2018


Ufocus Medal Mounting